We do it together


People with cancer and the people they love are front and center in the human cancer challenge. This site is a venue for Category One Cancer Teams to share their experiences and data. Category One Cancer Teams are special teams of dedicated family and/or friends and auxiliary supporting doctors and researchers, built around a person with a terminal cancer diagnosis. Not only will the person with the diagnosis be highly motivated, calm, and prepared to take treatment decisions and the consequences into their own hands, their team will have the resources and capabilities to dive into cancer research and design, execute and document rational, well-supported treatment protocols.

It would be fantastic if cancer had a simple, single solution. Maybe it will someday. However, right now there is enough information available to make rapid progress towards durable responses for people even with the gravest terminal diagnoses.

Mice aren’t enough. With the increasing relevance of the immune system in evaluating cancer protocols, experimentation on mice provides only limited information.  Having a wider range of human experimentation driven by Category One Cancer Teams is an ethical and creative way to help solve this problem.

Cancer is multivariable and nonlinear. There are likely to be several different paths to success for each person, and successful treatment protocols will likely be multi-targeted, individually tailored and include timing and dosing and treatment decisions that depend on real-time testing.  

The best tests will be small and designed around strong causal hypotheses.  The experiments which will move the needle most will be done on small numbers of people, focusing on verifying or refuting theories for providing high probability durable responses.