Northwest Cedar Raw Data 

Blood Data

  • 3/12/18 - I was diagnosed with pdac, primary in body of pancreas (4.8 X 3.6 cm.), pushing against the superior mesenteric vein, splenic vein occluded, and numerous mets to the liver (largest 2 cm). No ascites, peritoneal nodules, lymphadenopathy or other metastasis. 8A lymph node 7mm in short axis. Gallstones present. Everything else normal.

  • 4/09/18 - I began treatment - chemotherapy: Gemcitabine 1600, Nab-paclitaxol 210 and cisplatin 42. Ca19-9 to start was 124,000. Platelets were low beffore treatment started - 108, all other blood values good.

  • 7/28/18 - Dr. reduced Nab-pac (to 156) and Gem (to 1250) in an attempt to normalize low platelets and trying to enable a treatment routine of every week for 3 weeks, one week off.

  • 8/17/18 - Dr. dropped cisplatin - slight pain in ear and hoping to up platelet count to keep treatment routine.

  • 9/14/18 - Dr. gave full dose of Nabpac (200) and Gem (1600) probably due to risinig Ca19 starting to rise with above lowered dossages. There was a nice drop from 1922 to 1495.

  • 10/01/18 - Had first treatment with new Dr. to expand ideas and opportunities - happy with old dr. but needed to get more input. Had first dose of same treatment (he wanted to try a 1/2 dose). Ca19 number starts to rise and continues to rise when dose is upped to 3/4. Have noticed slight neuropathy in toes.

  • 12/27/18 - Full dose of Nabpac and Gem. As of 1/10/18, CA19 continues to rise at same rate and it looks like this line of therapy is done.

  • 01/10/18 - Same full dose of Gem and NP PLUS, 2 grams of Mannose every 3 hours, except sleeping hours, for the day before, day of chemo and day after chemo. Morning after chemo IV vitamin C 75 grams. Side effects noticed: gas, no other. I’ll know results in 2 weeks.

  • RADIOLOGY: Imaging has followed CA19 with reduction of primary from 4.8 x 3.6 x 3.3 (3/22/18) to 2.8x2.3 (10/01/18) and reduction of the liver metastasis also until last ct scan (11/26/18) when metastasis showed slight growth (2mm) following the reduction in treatment dose. Between scans 9/04/18 and 10/01/18: appearance of a “rounded low density component extending anterior to the pancreas measures 29x22 mm, possibly cystic.” From scan 10/26/18 description reads: “A cystic lesion exophytic from the pancreatic body/tail measures 3.1x1.9 cm.”.